Tour de Lancaster and Lititz Wrap-up

What a great group of people! I cannot say enough about the enthusiasm and curiosity of those who accompanied me on the first culinary day trip to the Lancaster Central Market and the Historic Village of Lititz. The time we spent interacting with the many purveyors, farmers, and producers of local and handcrafted products was just the perfect way to spend a day.

Our group was blessed with the passion of the Master Distiller at Stoll and Wolfe Distillery as he spun the tale of how he and his company searched out and saved an heirloom red rye from extinction. He used it to make the first batch of whiskey in more than 50 years distilled from this specific grain. The Market Manager at Lancaster Central Market enlightened us to the challenges and joys she experiences in running the oldest continuously operational Market House in the country. The owners of Olio, an independent importer of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars, exuded sheer joy as we participated in a tasting of their unbelievable line of products.

And the capstone of our day was the dedication and friendship the owners of The Savory Gourmet expressed to us as they hosted our After Hours tasting on the sales floor of their small specialty food store that they had transformed into an elegant but rustic restaurant. We enjoyed course after course of specialty meats, cheeses, and gourmet delights, each paired with the wonderful wines of Seven Mountains Wine Cellars. As we sat at a communal table, I could not but think what an experience this day has brought to my guests and me and how these experiences contribute to a simple life well lived.

For those of you who missed out on this trip, fear not. I am planning to schedule more in the future, along with additional forays to the Strip District in Pittsburgh and a multiday wine-tasting excursion to the Finger Lake Wine Region of New York State that is tentatively scheduled for fall of 2020. I hope to have an official schedule posted here by the first of the New Year, so please keep an eye out for this information.

As the first fire of the season crackles in my Cow Hill Cottage hearth, I contentedly pour myself a second cup of tea purchased from the specialty tea shop in Lititz Village and contemplate the many experiences to come as my guests and I explore the backroads and byways of this great country and the inspirational people we’ll meet along the way.

P.S. A special thanks to Ann Thompson for many of the photo’s you see here. And please enjoy additional photo’s below.

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