A New Beginning

The past six months have been, without a doubt, a time of pause for each of us. During the early days of the pandemic and subsequent shutdown, I was unsure as to the future of The Peasant Bon Vivant and my plans to grow the business. The demands of my management responsibilities for the Stonefly Café grew. Our very existence at Stonefly was challenged by the sweeping changes experienced by the food service industry. Managing these changes became my primary focus in an effort to assure continued sustainability and, of course, maintain our employees’ very livelihood. This took much of my creative energies. I also contemplated how the post-pandemic world might view in-person culinary workshops and tours and how this view would ultimately impact my plans to offer workshops and tours. During this, I paused from regular blog posts to begin the process of evolving my vision to meet the realities of a new world perspective.

As we all settled in for the long haul during this pause, the natural world continued to go forward as it always has with the seasonal rhythms of life, driving my garden and kitchen activities as if the modern world was not in turmoil all around me. I continued to shop at local and regional businesses that did not have the empty shelves and disgruntled customers of the national chains, and I chatted with neighbors and friends because time was something I had more of.

These chats allowed me to understand how this world-changing event had fundamentally changed many as they realized the importance of relationships within their families, with their friends, and with their community. It provided them with the time and energy to renew their cooking and baking passions at home. It inspired them to plant both food and flower and that both provided joy in their lives. Picnics, bicycle rides, and, oh, so many walks became the daily activities of life. Without realizing it, we all began to experience a simple life well lived.

As our pandemic journey continues, many long to keep this simple existence even as we ease back into what was once considered normal. I believe this pause experience will allow many of us to find that simple, fulfilling lifestyle amid the return of modern life as we refuse to turn our backs on the positive impact it provided.

As I look to the future of The Peasant Bon Vivant, I plan to support this movement of a simple life well lived at a local and regional level.

A local and regional perspective
First, I will begin by focusing on local and regional growers, crafters, purveyors, and visionaries of all kinds that subscribe to the fundamental values of a simple life. This local perspective will, I hope, provide a short directory of those individuals and businesses that are fundamental to a life well lived. I will also continue to share with you my garden and kitchen successes and failures, making sure to provide plenty of recipes, and sharing techniques and tips in support of home-cooked seasonal food of unbelievable quality and taste.

Second, I am actively planning culinary tours and workshops that will be available for your enjoyment by the spring of 2021, each with a local and regional perspective, providing opportunities to expand our collective knowledge in food, crafting, gardening, and sustainable skills.

Last, I have developed three Cow Hill Cottage industries that will allow The Peasant Bon Vivant to have enhanced levels of sustainability through the sale of Antiquarian Books and Curiosities, Museum-Quality Matting and Framing, and the design and production of Handwoven Rugs that continues a long history of rug weaving in the Kishacoquillas Valley, utilizing traditional craftsmanship with modern design to produce a product that is both decorative and utilitarian.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you and encourage you to continue to visit me here at my blog and to follow me on Instagram:


My hope is a simple life well lived for each of us.

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