When deciding to eat out, it is truly heartwarming to find an establishment that values what you value—wholesome food made from locally grown staples and a relaxed, unassuming atmosphere.  

Stonefly Café in Reedsville is such a place. It is one of the Seven Mountains Wine Cellar’s retail outlets in Central Pennsylvania.

The café is a collaborative effort between me—The Peasant Bon Vivant—and the Seven Mountains Wine Cellar’s family and features Pennsylvania-made wine, beer, and distilled spirits. We also provide an eclectic menu featuring locally produced products, like breads and cheeses, and fresh vegetables, meats, and seafood.

Our Stonefly philosophy embraces locally made food and seasonal products when available, and our talented kitchen staff focuses on scratch cooking whenever possible. Our bar staff strives to maintain the same seasonal and local focus when crafting cocktails and beverages.

Stonefly Café has developed a reputation for live music that we believe has met a need within the local music community. You can expect live music every Friday evening and open mic nights at least one Saturday per month. We also have plans to develop at least one or two annual music festivals in the future.

Stonefly Café occupies the former Thompson Hardware Store and exudes all the character one would expect of a historic retail location. Our bar and restaurant are located within the original retail space, and our kitchen is in an attached structure that was once the village post office.

A group of our Wine Club Members suggested the name Stonefly, and it references the stonefly larvae that is common to the local fishing streams and is also the name of one of our white wines. Scott Bubb, our winemaker, and I are avid fly fisherman, as are many of our loyal customers. The fishing theme can be seen throughout our retail space within both the photos and artwork of area streams and rivers and our growing collection of antique and vintage fishing equipment.

When traveling through Central Pennsylvania, please take the time to stop by Stonefly Café and enjoy a great glass of wine, craft beer, or cocktail and fresh-made culinary delights.