Welcome to Cow Hill Cottage, my Creole-inspired home in a small village in Central Pennsylvania. I had the cottage built ten years ago after an extensive search for an existing historic home did not come to fruition. The Cottage was an infill project that tucked the home into an existing neighborhood of vintage homes, all built around the turn of the twentieth century.

The choice to build a southern-style home in the northeast was based on the historical details of the house to include high ceilings, traditional wood fireplace, expansive outdoor living space provided by the loggia at the rear of the home, and the wraparound porch to the front. Also, the house blends well into the existing neighborhood due to its resemblance to a nineteen twenties bungalow that was common within the local area.

The name Cow Hill Cottage is based on the ridge that rises to the rear of the home. The ridge now sports brambles and trees, but just over fifty years ago, it was used to graze cattle, thus known locally as Cow Hill.

The modest size of both the lot and the cottage was a decision on my part to simplify and minimize the maintenance and heating requirements of a larger home. This modest presence does not diminish the usefulness of the house as it provides ample room to entertain, supports my many interests, allows for the cultivation of a modest garden, and provides a cozy haven that hearkens back to a simpler time.

No matter if I am lounging on the front porch watching the stars and fireflies on a warm summer evening or perched by the roaring fire on a cold winter’s day, the home provides enjoyment to me every day of the year. The garden and kitchen allow me to pursue my many culinary adventures and the general welcoming nature of the home allows for many enjoyable hours of entertaining and visiting with my family and friends. I cannot think of a better place to call home.