In this world of fast-paced living, many yearn for a more tranquil lifestyle. This tranquility is available for all to enjoy and can be found within our shared history. Our ancestors lived a lifestyle that was intimately tied to the seasonal rhythms of nature. They found personal fulfillment and self-worth through everyday activities that provided for a more self-sufficient lifestyle than many of us experience now. These simple activities—gardening, cooking, housekeeping, and traditional crafts—offered an appreciation for time to reflect and ponder the mysteries of life and the universe within a framework of faith and spirituality and were the basis for this healthy lifestyle.

Hello, my name is Bart Ewing, and I live in the small village of Reedsville, Pennsylvania. I am passionate about cooking, gardening, weaving, and all the skills and crafts associated with a simple and self-sustaining lifestyle. I hope to share with you my vision for a simple lifestyle and, in the process, I expect to learn a bit about your vision as well. I will be exploring the back roads and byways of this country in search of special people who maintain the lost arts and crafts of a bygone era.

I invite you to join me in finding a more fulfilling and satisfying pathway in this journey we call life.

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